Saturday, October 10, 2015

How To find a Job in Middle East

As you know, Lots of people come every day to find a good job in middle east counties.

Most of them come through recruitment agencies in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal , Bangladesh etc.

But real problem is employee did not meet employer directly and discuss terms. So it is so likely to be get less salary and facilities than the recruitment agency told them.

So Now most of people come with visit VISA or Business VISA to avoid such issues and meet employer directly and discuss the terms of employeement.

But If you come to Dubai or any other city, it is so hard to find the job.

So we will give you a solution for that

It is simple.

1.Send us your CV

2.We send that directly to employer who are looking to recruit.

3.Then you will get a 1-10 interviews within one month.

4.Finally You have your dream job in middle east with good salary and no scam by recruitment agencies.

We will charge you 500 AED per CV for our service.

You can pay via PAYPAL /Credit card or Direct money transfer.

Please send mail to for more information.